The company’s main goal for introducing a Management Information System of quality, environment, and prevention of working risks in Grupo Alvic FR Mobiliario, S.L. is that of satisfying entirely the needs and expectations of our customers, the society, and our workers through the fulfilment of the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and the continuous improvement of the global processes.

The company also fulfils the demands of the society by respecting the current legislation on the environment, the other commitments that are agreed in relation with its environmental aspects, the requirements of the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), as well as the application of the principles of pollution prevention.

The preventive ideology of the company is based on conceiving prevention as a fundamental aspect of all work positions, for which the responsibilities in prevention matters must be assigned in a direct way on the competences that each one develops in their work tasks.

Consequently, it is necessary that this policy is spread, understood, applied and updated at all levels of the company and external partners, for which the Management will establish the appropriate measures.

Grupo Alvic FR Mobiliario S.L. wants to be a reference in the sector for profitability, while maintaining the business stability and consistency.  The final result is that of successfully accomplishing the following goals: guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customers and other interested parties, assure the satisfaction of the employees and the economic efficiency of the company.

Besides, the Management is committed to provide all the necessary material and human resources in order to successfully and definitely establish the said company policy.

The Management declares as an obligation the fulfilment of  the demands contained in the documentation that sets up the integration management system, and delegates the authority of the establishment, the implementation and maintenance of the processes and of informing the Management about the way to operate the system to the Responsible for the integrated management System.